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Outlaw 10.5/315
Nostalgia Truestreet
Pro Street Rules
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    The thing is with the autostart the computer dont care if youthey deep stage or not. After 3 bulbs are lit its going to do what its going to do. It dont care what is on your window. If a person is deep staging thats there problem to get in deep before tree activates. BG was not using autostart because it was taking the tree forever at times. Probably waitng for them to deep stage. My .02 worth. I have no dog in this discussion so I will leave you guys alone now. Hi Big AL and my hero and always remember PTTTF.
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    There was definitely a lot of "long" lights that night.

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    Good discussion here
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    ? I'm staged and all 4 lights are on and still waiting on a deep stager, do you wait for the other car to go deep before you go up on the chip, or hit the chip and burn your stuff up while the starter holds the tree for a deep stage? My .02 no deep staging on a pro tree.

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