I thought I had the Engine sorted out in my 39 Mercury Town sedan. After I thought I resolved the Fuel Pump issue now another problem seems to have re-appeared. When I took it for a short drive, after the Engine is warm, it seems to have a a loss of power. Then it suddenly dies. After a couple of minutes, it starts again and runs, but not well. I started it 4 times to get it home from a 7 mile trip. I have recently replaced the distributor, rotors, condenser, mechanical fuel pump, and wiring harness. It has acted like this before and I changed the distributor, condensor and rotors twice. It runs ok for a short time. The longest I have driven it lately is under 20 miles. I am afraid to take it very far. Bad condenser again? Coil, rotors, fuel issue, stuck valve?

Please help.

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